Prior to the birth of HMG, the son observed while his father grew strong relationships in the Richmond psychiatric hospitals and clinics. He had come as in immigrant with his young family and established himself in the area as a leading teacher of psychiatry in the residency programs at the Medical College of Virginia. While the father taught future doctors and developed his own psychiatric reputation, offering children and adolescents hope in their future mental health, his son finished his own training in adult and geriatric psychiatry at Vanderbilt Medical Center Hospitals in Nashville, Tennessee. He returned as an emissary to biological psychiatric practices. He soon joined his father, having developed a new outpatient concept meant to reinforce outpatient treatments for chronically mentally ill patients and those withsubstance abuses. He came with music, recreational and counseling therapists to adult and nursing homes, quickly establishing his own reputation as a rising star in psychiatric treatment centers in the Richmond area’s local hospitals and mental health clinics. And so, HMG came to be. But then, that was last century.


Now in this new millennium, psychiatry has evolved from nascent dynamic and biological concepts to a fledgling field, continually redefining itself and its manuals.  It prides itself as a respected and sought after branch of medicine, complementing the fields of neurology and neurosurgery with its own rehabilitation and recovery models borne out of research and time proven methodologies.  It is in this rich field of opportunity that Humberto and Mario Gomez continue to evolve, having become medical directors in local adolescent residential centers as well as in the surrounding counties’ mental health centers, establishing best practice standards and new protocols to treat not only the emotionally impaired but also the intellectually challenged and substance abusing populations in many of the local area hospital systems.  As the father did before him, the son continues to update and redefine the legacy they both created.  New technologies await them, but they stand ready to meet that challenge, evolving along to benefit the many.




Humberto and Mario Gomez are bilingual psychiatrists who, along with their associate staff, welcome you to their practice.  Now located in Chesterfield County’s Midlothian area, HMG Psychiatric Associates, P.C. is open to assist from the very young to the very old in all aspects of the emotional and behavioral challenges now hampering your life.