Now, in this 21st century, psychiatry has evolved from nascent dynamic and biological concepts to a fledlging field, continually redefining itself and its manuals and HMG Psychiatric Associates prides itself in staying up to date with the newest technology and studies.


HMG Psychiatric Associates conducts thorough evaluations that address both medical and psychiatric symptoms. They work in close collaboration with both medical and mental health colleagues to serve patients’ needs.


A safe and private environment are critical to the evaluation, discussion and treatment of a patient’s issues. HMG Psychiatric Associates maintains the strictest confidentiality in all her work.


HMG Psychiatric Associates has years of experience in both medicine and psychiatry, and with numerous cultures. HMG Psychiatric Associates adheres to the highest level of ethical standards and their clinical judgments are based on the most current practice guidelines and scientific research.

our patients say it best:
  • Dr. Gomez is one of the best doctors I have ever had. He will actually talk and listen to you and is very knowledgeable of my condition and my concerns. The office staff is also very helpful and you will have a great experience here.